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Included Characteristics
You may request from us a complete detail of all our plans’ included characteristics, some are only in our “E-commerce Plan” and our “FULL Package Plan”.

Click the characteristic’s name if you wish to know in more detail about it, or check what plan it is included

Modern Web Design

We design your Web site using the complete ultimate technology, so that you have a modern and aesthetic site, perfectly adapted to your necessities.

Responsive Desing

Our designs are capable of adjusting any website to any mobile device, we give 100% adjustability, your site will be seen correctly in all modern mobile devices.

Multilingual Web Site

Thanks to our “Full Package Plan” you can have your site in two languages to present your information to a greater number of visitors.

Periodic Updates

The most important aspect in Web management is keeping its software updated, we are in charge of this critical work performing the periodic updates your site needs to run at its best.

Social Networks Integration

We specialize in integrating your social networks with your brand website, anything you post in Facebook or Twitter will be also seen on the World Wide Web, instantly.

Email Marketing

El Email Marketing es la mejor forma de informar a tus clientes de tus ofertas y promociones o de noticias importantes.

Cobros en Línea

Ofrezca a sus clientes la opción de pagar en línea por sus servicios o productos. Forma segura y conveniente de realizar cobros.

Corporate E-mails

Offer a more professional image to your clients by having emails customized with your own Brand’s domain name.

Web Hosting

All our plans include web hosting, your website will be hosted in secure servers with 24-hour availability.

Web Address (web domain)

Reserve your own web address before someone else registers it, your “Domain Name” is unique in the world, this characteristic is included in all our plans.

Chat System

Let your customers communicate with you instantaneously on the web, you can respond from your PC or any mobile device.

Booking System

This system allows your customers to book appointments, as well as the day and time they want to come to purchase a service, this is what we call “top comfort for the client”.

Membership System

Offer your customers to pay for membership subscription in order to get discounts, promotions and great offers in your services or products.

Location Maps

Apart from all of your contact information and forms, we also include location maps from “Google Maps.”.

Permanent Maintenance

We take care of every aspect of your website’s health, daily backup of information and exact verification of security vulnerabilities.

Full Statistics

We give you all the statistics that your website may generate as well as complete data from your email marketing campaign, like for example: where are your visitors coming from?.. and much more.

Blog Publications

Would you like to publish quality articles of interest to your visitors or customers? our plans include this great option.

Google My Business

“Google Places” is a tool that allows the users to find the companies locally, also bringing the most interesting information regarded to it.

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