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Domain Research

The registry of your Domain name is the first step you need to take for the development of your Web and Business Project. Web address names are unique in the world, there cannot exist two web addresses with the same exact name, this means you can have, for example: www.example.com and www. example.net, hence, the domain that we include in our plans can have any of the following terminations: .com .net .info .org. We recommended that you choose the domain “.com” unless it is a non- profit institution, if this is the case then you can choose: “.org” but in fact there are not strict limitations at all, you can register the domain termination you want, no need to relate it with the type of activity you will be doing there, not at all.

Just type in the box the name to look for without the “www” and then select the termination to look for and after clicking “check” you will see the availability results for your selected Domain name, if it is already registered you can try similar words or meanings, you may combine words until you find another name that is suitable and available, ready to become your own Brand Domain Name.

Once you got an available name to register as your domain in the purchase of your selected plan with us, you will be required to enter the selected domain you have just verified for availability, so act fast and proceed with your domain registration.

Importance of having Your Own Domain name

It is important when finding an available domain to proceed by registering it as soon as possible, be aware that the more time you let pass, the harder to get that precious domain name since possibilities of having it registered by someone else are huge, if you do not take action you may lose your dreamed Domain name.

Domain names are unique at worldwide level, hence the critical importance of registering the Web address name you want, the sooner the better.

All our plans include the registry of your Domain name and the Domain terminations you may choose, be them: .com .net .info .org.

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