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Online Payment
You have the option to offer “online payment” for your products or services, which will be greatly appreciated by your clients, as this is a safe and very convenient form to implement payments.

With our “FULL Package Plan” and “E-commerce Plan” you have the option of receiving payments directly from the website, we set up payment gateways with paypal so you can withdraw your money by means of a credit or debit card, you can also set up a bank deposit method.

The “Online Payment Option” requires that you have a secure site (https) this security level is obtained by means of a security certificate, SSL and IP, these two certificates are not included in any of our plans as they imply a payment of $75/annual. Having this online payment service set up also improves the positioning of your site in search engines like Google, as they give priority to sites with secure certificates.

Planes Incluidos:
Basic plan: Not included
Full plan: Store with Up to 15 Available Products
E-commerce plan: Store with unlimited Products


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