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Terms and Conditions

  • The first paymentis the activation value, according to the selected plan.
  • The monthly payments start the following month, in the same initial payment date.
  • The client is responsible for delivering the required information for the development and initial design of the site (text, images, videos, etc.) We advise on said content.
  • If the client does not provide the required information for the development in the first month, the payment of the first monthly payment will always be effective on the date indicated.
  • The characteristics in each plan will be used according to the need of each site, see the details to consult in the plans that can be included.
  • There is no minimum time contract, the site remains active if the monthly payment is maintained, according to the plan selected.
  • We commit to maintain the price for a minimum of 2 years without modifications, if the payments are made without interruptions.
  • After the two years, it will be analyzed, and the price may change according to the situation of the market. It does not mean that there will be a raise, it could be maintained or be reduced.
  • An update is understood as adding, deleting or modifying a content (text, images, videos) the redesign of the site is not included in an update.

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